Are you even aware of your brain? Well you should be, and the good people at the Duke Institute for Brain Sciences are here to help you.

Their third annual Brain Awareness Week March 12 to 17 features a series of five great lectures in venues all over town. Social neuroscience in a wine bar? Why yes, in fact!

NIH color coded brain

Brain surgery and anatomy class would be so much easier if the brain were color-coded like this! (NIH image)

For more kid-friendly brain awareness, DIBS is also planning three days of fun lunch-time demonstrations at the Museum of Life and Science, and the ever-popular Saturday open house at LSRC on Saturday, March 17, which includes lab tours, brain-centric art projects, and lots of eager graduate students doing public outreach.

Please do your brain a favor. Show it a little love. Check out Brain Awareness Week.

(PS watch this space the following week for our student-bloggers’ coverage of some of the events!)

Brain Awareness Week Logo 2012

Brain Awareness Week Logo 2012