A very warm welcome to you from one of the Research Blog’s newest bloggers!

My name is Prachiti Dalvi, and I am a sophomore in Trinity from Lakeland, Florida. For now, I am studying biology and chemistry; however, I have yet to officially declare my major.

I am absolutely STOKED to be a blogger for Duke’s Research Blog! I started blogging this past summer when I worked in a cell biology lab in the Medical Center. I fell in love with the idea of archiving and reflecting on my experiences. (And, I also thought it was really cool to check my site stats everyday to see how many hits my blog was getting!)

In my free time, I love playing the piano, watching Duke basketball, hanging out with friends on the plaza, reading the New York Times, dancing, travelling with my family and spending time with my twin sister, who happens to be my roommate and is (surprise, surprise…) a blogger for this site too!

Luckily, I stumbled on research when I was a freshman in high school and have been going strong since. I am wholly fascinated by the world of research because it allows scientists to flit along the fine boundary between the known and the unknown.

The cohesive efforts of many individuals, the diligence exhibited when experiments fail and an undying curiosity for the unfamiliar are embodied in a discovery – a discovery that has the potential to explain the simplest of phenomena or to change thousands of lives. I am a true believer in the ability of innovative thinking to find solutions to even the most intricate problems.

As a student at a world-renowned research institution, I look forward to sharing Duke’s research sphere with you through my eyes and hope that you enjoy reading my posts as much as I enjoy writing them!