Contest for the cutest face with my friends.

Drumroll Please.
And it is . . . Jeannie Chung.

Hello Everyone! I am a new blogger for the Duke Research Blog. My name is Jeannie Chung and I am a freshmen currently enrolled in the Pratt School of Engineering as a prospective Mechanical Engineering and Electrical Engineering double major. But as I said, it is “prospective” since I have too many interests to keep me confined in a narrow-minded decision.

One of my biggest excitements about college is that I am invited to listen and share the ingenious ideas of others! Duke University is one of the biggest research schools out there and thus more ideas, ingenuity, and mind-blowing opportunities!

I like taking photos, going to art exhibitions and movies. I’m an avid lover of coffee and tea (no sugar and milk ruining the taste, please!), a music lover (playing and listening), dancer (I try), and an experimental cook.

I am not so fond of sweets, but I do sometimes seek after them. If I have to choose an ice cream I would always go with lemon sherbet gelato, or the classic mint. I love having conversations with people and am always excited to make new friendships.

My family is my number one treasure, and that includes my golden retriever, Dian, and my tuxedo cat, Secret. There are stories that go with those names, but perhaps we can talk about them later. My current goal is to be able to speak all three oriental languages when I graduate and to build a transformer in the future, preferably one from a Yellow Camerro.