Meet Ashley Mooney, or Ashe as my friends call me.  I am a coffee addict who loves her animals.

Me and Misty at the Grand Canyon.

I’m a sophomore majoring in evolutionary anthropology and receiving a certificate in policy journalism and media studies. I’m from Portland, Oregon—the home of coffee and rain. After school, I’m hoping to attend either medical or veterinary school.

Besides writing for the research blog, I write for the Chronicle. Although it may be a bit of a conflict of interest, I love science writing in general. I can also be found swimming and feasting.

One of my favorite things in the world is delectable food.  Pumpkin, chocolate, and cheese are my ultimate flavors. So far, I have eaten at all but two grub spots on campus—the Nasher and Starbucks (in the Medical Center).  I hope to change that by the end of this year, as well as dabbling in Durham’s dining options.

I have a standard poodle, Misty, and a blue parakeet, Archie.  Archie currently lives here with me at Duke in a super secret location. My goal is to own a macaw as soon as possible after graduation.