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Duke students, faculty and staff wowed an all-ages crowd at the USA Science and Engineering Festival in Washington in Oct. 2010. (Photo: Chris Adamczyk)

Organizers of the second North Carolina Science Festival did a bit of counting and decided there are only 100 days left to the statewide celebration of all things science, research and just plain cool.

You can check out the sprawling calendar of more than 260 events scheduled for the April 13-29 festival here:

Duke will be bringing some hands-on displays to the 24-hour opening of the new Nature Research Center in downtown Raleigh on April 20 and 21. Some of our chemistry students also will be taking their show on the road for school appearances during the 16-day festival, and we’re working on getting some Duke faculty into school classrooms.

Festival events are aimed at showcasing science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) for all ages and just sort of celebrating how cool it is that all this activity is going on around us in North Carolina.

Please scan the calendar and see if you and your family might be able to catch some of the hands-on activities, science talks, lab tours, nature experiences, exhibits, performances and other events.

The organizers expect more than 150,000 North Carolinians to participate.

(PS – Everyone’s welcome to participate too: Organizations interested in hosting events during the 2012 Festival can submit their events at the Festival’s website.)

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