Welcome to Duke Research Blog, Version 3, on WordPress.

2011 Blog team

Clockwise from upper left: Ashley, Becca, Vansh and Karl

The packaging has changed, but the blog is the same. We’ll be covering the people and events that capture the excitement and energy of Duke’s research environment; interesting findings, fascinating seminars, super-luminary guest speakers, amazing students.

Seniors Becca Bayham and Vansh Muttreja will be with us again this year, along with Science Writer Ashley Yeager and yours truly, Karl Bates, director of research communications. Biology graduate student Viviane Callier, who contributed a couple of interesting posts over the summer, may add some to the mix as well. And we’re working on hiring one or two NEW bloggers this fall to be ready for the departure of our star seniors in the spring. …I’m already getting sad about that!

Back Issues:

We began this blog on the Google blogger service in 2007. You can relive that amazing experience here.

In May 2010, it moved to a blog on the Duke Research site.

Please stay with us, check in often, talk to us, and share with your friends!